Here at Locapol, we are tired of the mainstream media’s obsessive focus on politics, tactics and partisanship, rather than simply reviewing the problems we face as a country, and clearly stating what the possible solutions are. We don’t have time to mess around anymore.

Our goal at Locapol is to fill this gap, this void of common sense information that the cable news networks have actively chosen not to deliver. Information is not as sexy as sensational political drama, but right now it is essential to our well-being that we stay as informed as possible.

We don’t care “how certain policy ideas will play” with the Democrats or the Republicans in 2020. This is not a partisan site, and this is the only reference to political party that you will see across all of Locapol.

What we do aim to provide are straightforward summaries of the issues that we need to address, collectively as a nation, coupled with plausible policy-based solutions.

That’s it. Issues on one side. Solutions on the other. Leave the cynicism at the door about whether the votes will be gathered or what a filibuster is.

Our future and our freedom require us to know more than they think we are capable of knowing. It starts with each and every one of us.

Locapol exists to help us quickly stay informed on what’s important, so that we know what to look for when seeking political candidates that reflect the change we need to make everyday life better for our families and ourselves, and to protect the futures of our children and those who come after us.